Wednesday 2 June 2010


Peony Garden: Paeonia officinalis 'Rosea Plena' with alliums and Aquilegia

Digitalis canariensis (formerly Isoplexis)


Wisteria floribunda 'Alba'

Hidcote Manor


  1. Lovely. Thanks for sharing

  2. I love your picture of Paeonia officinalis 'Rosea Plena' with alliums and Aquilegia. May I insert it into my gardening website with a credit to you?

    As background, the goal and mission statement of the site is to provide users with a rich and diversified catalogue of gardens from around the world with the intent of :

    . Revealing their beauty as well as the creativity deployed by their landscapers and gardeners and enticing readers to visit them if opened to the public,

    . Promoting the talents and skills of great landscapers or gardeners,

    . Explaining how these wonders were realized,

    . Educating and aiding 'would-be' gardeners on how to create wonderful gardens of their own.

    Here is the link to my website:

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