Monday, 30 August 2010


In our Christmas crackers last year we all found a packet of sunflower seed saved by my mother from plants she had grown, with the promise of prizes for various categories of sunfloweriness next season. These are some of the progeny from my packet, a nice mixture of warm colours. Note the pollen (and pollinators) - these will set seed, unlike the pollen-free F1 hybrids that are now so common, and which must lead to much frustration among those trying to grow sunflowers for bird food.


  1. what a lovely idea - you surely must win top prize for floweriness. These colours are lovely & even better knowing there will be more progeny from these


  2. What a wonderful way for your mother to share her garden! Beautiful colors in your sunflowers! Were you awarded a prize?

  3. hold on a minute there is another set of sunflowers from sunny Pyrford in Woking I may just slide into 1st place?


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