Monday 5 July 2010

Risotto con le Fragole

While chipping snowdrops (a major occupation at this time of year) I alleviate the tedium by listening to the radio, thereby hearing programmes that I never normally encounter. Tuning in on Friday morning I landed in the middle of Woman's Hour (BBC Radio 4) and found an enthusiastic Italian chef, Giorgio Alessio, expounding on 'ow to cook an improbable-sounding Strawberry Risotto. Radio is not the ideal medium for cookery classes, perhaps, but the evident delight of the presenter, Jenni Murray, on tasting the concoction, made me think it had to be tried. A quick search revealed the recipe on the Woman's Hour page here.

I cooked it this evening for our dinner - very easy, just requiring patience in adding the stock ladle by ladle - and found it absolutely delicious, a perfect dish for a summer evening. Try it!

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