Tuesday 27 July 2010

Another trio of lilies

Lilium pardalinum form (given to me as L. occidentale). It has built up into a large clump in well enriched soil in partial shade.

A new acquisition this year is 'Peach Butterflies', an Asiatic Hybrid. It is a lovely colour and has shapely flowers, but the plant is too dwarf, being only about 45 cm tall, and it is rather submerged among other things. of course I could plant with shorter things, but I suspect it's a plant that will always be difficult to place.

'Lady Alice' (below) is a magnificent, vigorous plant that from its flower shape and arching habit must have Lilium henryi in its parentage - and is just as amenable in cultivation. Every year I wish I had planted it so that it was adjacent to the Clematis 'Prince Charles' a few yards away in the same border: the colour combination would be delightful.

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  1. What lovely images of some favorites, John! Thank you!


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