Saturday 10 July 2010

Cyclamen purpurascens 'Green Ice'

This is an extremely elegant form of Cyclamen purpurascens, selected and developed as a seed-raised cultivar by the Dutch Cyclamen enthusiast Jan Bravenboer. It has a broad pewter marking in the centre of each leaf. It grows in the raised, humus-rich bed here, receiving full sun for much of the day at present. I wish it were possible to convey scent online: the fragrance of Cyclamen purpurascens is one of my favourites, a concentrate of Lily -of-the-valley.


  1. Very hardy sounds very promising. That foliage is very appealing and such a nice bonus to have a great scent!

  2. A beautiful form of cyclamen purpurascens. I pick up a one from the now closed Seneca Hill Perennials called fancy leaf in which the entire leaf is silver. This species does well in our zone 5 in upstate New York.

  3. Hallo, I would like to make contact with Dr John Grimshaw to see if he would be willing to give a talk to the Charlbury and district Garden society in March 2011. We usually meet on third Fridays but this does not have to be set in stone. Please contact me on e-mail or tel 01608 810184. In anticipation, Peter Bridgman.


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