Sunday 31 October 2010

A beautiful Crocus

Crocus banaticus 'Snowdrift'
The normal lilac-flowered Crocus banaticus bloomed here several weeks ago, starting in late September, but this clone is just at its peak now. It has been rather glomy today, so I picked a flower and brought it inside to open in the warmth - which enables me to enjoy it on my desk.

'Snowdrift' is the best white C. banaticus I have come across - a really gorgeous, large flower, 7 cm from segment-tip to segment-tip, and the frothy white stigma in the centre is exquisite. Like any C. banaticus it is easy in the open garden here - if the mice leave it alone. They seem particularly fond of this species and I dread finding the clump ransacked by a rodent.


  1. how fortunate for you .. to have such a lovely crocus blooming now ..

  2. What a poetic beauty:o)



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