Wednesday 3 November 2010

Autumn colour at Colesbourne Park

Sorbus sargentiana and Beech, Fagus sylvatica
It seems to be generally agreed that the autumn colours in England are exceptional this year, with unexpected species turning to unexpected colours. The change came swiftly, and the effect will not last long: certainly last night's strong winds took many leaves off the trees here, and it is blowing again now. Here are a few views and specimens at Colesbourne Park from the past week or so.

Sorbus sargentiana

Euonymus alatus

Betula szechuanica

Acer japonicum

Sycamore, Acer pseudoplatanus - very seldom seen in good colour like this.


  1. Those are great shots of the trees in their Autumn colours. Each one seems to be at its peak, with every leaf doing its part. I love the shape of the sycamore tree.

  2. The Sycamore photograph is fabulous! Stunningly beautiful! ;>)

  3. It is certainly colourful this year - the drive into Filkins yesterday was a stand out for autumn colour.

  4. As predicted, it has all blown away in the past two days.

  5. But here in Buckingham we've still got ours - and the woods in the Chilterns yesterday were spectacular. Milton Keynes, much maligned, today had the best planted roundabouts and dual carriageways for many a mile, all gleaming golden in the sun - but it is blowing hard now, will all be gone by tomorrow.


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