Sunday 17 October 2010

A killing frost

Impatiens rothii

The summer show came to an abrupt end last night as a sharp frost developed. It was not unexpected, so the tender plants were all under cover, and the house is full of flowers picked in the gloaming to give us a few more days of pleasure, but the first frost of the season is always a horticultural turning point. At least we have had a longer frost-free period than in some years, from 12 May to 17 October.

Frosted Aconitum ‘Sp├Ątlese’(which does not become Eiswein as a result)

Salvia leucantha will not open flowers this year...


  1. It had to come sometime didn't it - just not while I had glandular fever and my Brugmansia, which I grew from seed, was still outside and I was unable to lift it!

  2. You could just have cut a piece for propagation, this is easy


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