Tuesday 4 May 2010

A vicious frost

A change of wind direction to northerly yesterday brought back the twin undesirables of volcanic ash and frost: the former seems to have dispersed, but the frost has made its effects only too obvious. At 6 am the ground was white and crisp, and the tulips ('Purissima') had turned inside out. Elsewhere the damage is visible in blackened shoots on Juglans mandschurica (middle) and all the new growth of Rodgersia podophylla by the lake is ruined. No doubt other damage will show up in due course - I am particularly anxious about the Polystichum fronds, which are just starting to unfurl.

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  1. Spring - so beautiful, but you just cannot trust her!
    So far we have had nice and warm weather, but as you picture, you never can be sure.


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