Monday 10 May 2010

Mexican oaks in the Cotswolds

New growth on three young Mexican oaks, grown from acorns; Quercus crassifolia: Q. laceyi: Q. rysophylla. These are just small sedlings in pots at present, growing in the polytunnel, but they are a reminder of the delights of the spring flush of growth on trees; the colours may be more muted than in autumn, but bear more promise.

Q. crassifolia and Q. rysophylla are members of Section Lobatae, the red oaks, and will grow happily in suitable parts of the UK (whether Colesbourne counts as suitable is not certain, given our late frosts and alkaline soil) as they do not need great summer heat to flourish. Quercus laceyi, on the other hand belongs to Section Quercus, the white oaks, North American representatives of which tend to need more summer heat than usually occurs in this country. But it's fun to try them!

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  1. Hello John! Ryan from Cistus Nursery here. I was searching around for Quercus crassifolia on the web and ran across your post. Your picture has me really lusting after it now, thanks a lot! Did you collect those acorns yourself, or were you able to acquire them elsewhere? I'm sure you can tell where I might be going with this...


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