Tuesday 9 November 2010

Last seed list from Rocky Mountain Rare Plants

Another highly regarded source of alpine seeds is closing down: Bob Skowron and Rebecca Day-Skowron of  Rocky Mountain Rare Plants sent out an e-mail last night announcing that:

"After 14 years of Rocky Mountain Rare Plants, we are moving on to other interests and passions. This is the last seed catalog we plan to offer as we will be shutting down our business. In our final offering, we have over 180 items. Seed was collected in many locations including the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, Wyoming, Utah and the high deserts of the American West, along with a few items from the Alps. Our website, http://www.rmrp.com/ has information on how to download our catalog."

A quick scan of the catalogue shows that there are indeed some superb choice plants there: Mertensia cana, Lloydia serotina and a selection of Castilleja and Pedicularis spring to attention. One wonders when some will be commercially available again. RMRP will accept its last orders on 26 December 2010.

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