Wednesday 24 November 2010

Phoolishly Phearless Pheasant

This Pheasant (Phasianus colchicus) has been frequenting the grounds of Colesbourne Park for the past couple of months and has become increasingly bold, chasing vehicles and people. Not many pheasants can be called 'a character' but this one certainly is. He has developed a particular antagonism to our workhorse Fergie tractor, being driven here by our gardener Will Fletcher, and sets off to chase it as soon as it comes into view, sometimes following it for several hundred metres. This was his performance this afternoon, edited as best I can into a passable sequence, minus the lengthy shots of fallen leaves.


  1. If Phreddy the Pheasant gets any closer to that brush pile I know what willll be served for dinner - his cooked goose.

    Perhaps he's just has as phetish attraction for tractors.

    Reminds me of the moose in Alaska who come running when they hear a chainsaw. They know it means piles of twigs to eat. Rather unnerving to the woodsman at first. Not at all belligerent or unpolite as your posessiphe pheasant.



  2. Phantastic! Thank You phor showing! :)

  3. my what a Pheasant plucker


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