Tuesday 28 September 2010

Moving an old friend

In 1997, when I was looking after Primrose Warburg's garden following her death, I dug up an old tree peony that had belonged to Nancy Lindsay (d. 1973), and gave it to Elizabeth Parker-Jervis for safe-keeping. Following her death in March, her family are now placing her property on the market, and I was called in to move the precious peony for a second time. A couple of hours of digging got it out, and tomorrow it will find a hopefully permanent home at Colesbourne Park.

It has been identified as 'Guardian of the Monastery', whether reliably or not, but for me it will always be my old friend 'Nancy Lindsay's peony', a memory of two great gardening friends and a conection with a third. Elizabeth did have it propagated and a few plants have been distributed, but this is clearly something I have to work on. Thanks to Celia Sawyer for the photo of the flower.


  1. Sweet post, love it when plants illicit a sweet memory, especially of a dear friend.

  2. Wonder where the monastery was? China?

  3. Tree peony roots have a distinctive scent to them, which I find intriguing. I recently transplanted a few this autumn. One of which is a rockii selection that is related to the photo you've posted.


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