Saturday, 16 March 2013

The slow retreat of winter

Narcissus 'Navarre' last Sunday: the only daffodil in flower in the garden. Everything has been delayed by the long spell of cool weather.

'Navarre' frozen solid in bitter wind on Monday, with a dusting of snow.
Tuesday was bright and slightly less cold. Salix alba 'Cardinalis' in the Yorkshire Arboretum.
Fresh snow on Wednesday morning.

Galanthus 'Primrose Warburg' in the snow on Wednesday.

Rhododendron barbatum flowering in the shelter of Ray Wood, Thursday. On Tuesday it had ice in the corollas, but no damage was done.

'Primrose Warburg' back to vertical today, but still (mid-March!) in perfect condition.

New shoots and  buds of Paeonia mairei (today) - perhaps their most attractive stage, full of promise.


  1. Being from Australia the sight of snow in the garden seems a little alien but beautiful at the same time. Those poor dafs look like they took a beating.

  2. Well, I could live without the winter cold for a change. Here in Europe it seems like we haven't had some decent sunlight in six months.


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