Sunday 10 March 2013

The Royal Botanic Gardens and Domain, Sydney

Brachychiton acerifolius: the Flame Tree living up to its name.

It is difficult to imagine a more desirable patch of real estate than that occupied by the Royal Botanic Gardens and Domain, Sydney. Situated on the shore of Sydney Harbour, with the heart of the city around it and the opera house as its next neighbour, it is an integral part of the city in every way. Founded in 1816 the garden occupies about 30 ha of the open space known as the Domain (of Government House), a large area of parkland used for various civic functions: managed together, the Domain is attractively maintained but does not have the same diversity of planting as the gardens. The Royal Botanic Gardens - the 'Royal' was conferred, surprisingly, only in 1959 - has a rich collection of plants grown in classic parkland fashion, and some rather old-fashioned bedding-out areas. Horticulturally, considering its location and potential, it seemed a bit static, but it was a huge pleasure to spend the last afternoon of my Australian trip there.

Lagunaria patersonii, a fine flowering tree...

...popular with visitors, such as a flock of Rainbow Lorikeets.

The elegant steel-framed Sydney Fernery, with the buildings of central Sydney looming behind.

Curculigo sp. in the fernery

The fabulous foliage of Trevesia sundaica.

A huge old Pinus roxburghii.

The Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge from the Royal Botanic Gardens.

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