Sunday, 31 March 2013

An unseasonal Easter

Flowers from the garden this morning: an end of February selection.
Easter, and the start of British summer time by the calendar, but by the garden and the temperature one could be pardoned for assuming it was late February. At least today was sunny and pleasant if out of the wind and I was able to get quite a lot done in the garden. This included the first watering of the year (pots and recently transplanted things - the wind is drying the ground out quickly) and the first lawn-mowing. Not that the grass is growing much, but it had become shaggy over winter and and a trim was timely. With another fine day in prospect tomorrow I'm hoping to get a good lot more digging done, getting the garden ready for spring when it comes.


  1. Yesterday was sunny here too and lots was done but so far today it is overcast and the wind has picked up. I am waiting for the temperature to creep up to at least 3C before I venture out

  2. wow this flower bouquet is just beautiful...exquisite!! thank you for sharing!


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