Sunday 24 March 2013


Agave attenuata variegated clone (San Marcos Growers)

In this spell of horrible cold weather I've returned to the images taken on my holiday last November and the warmer, sunnier climate of southern California. I've always found agaves to be extremely attractive and, if given half a chance, would be an avid collector of them - but my windowsills are full with the few I can find space for amid everything else needing space in winter. So I admire them when I see them elsewhere: admire them for their form and colour, and extraordinary variety, in detail and as a whole plant. They are by no means all prickly brutes.

Wild Agave shawii (Torrey Pines State Park)

Agave parryi (South Coast Botanical Garden)

Agave parryi 'Huntington' (Huntington Botanical Gardens)

Agave gypsophila (Dustin Gimbel's garden)

Agave bracteosa (Lotusland)

Agave mitis (syn.celsii) (?) (Rogers Nursery)

Agave 'Blue Glow' (Rogers Nursery)

Agave schidigera (Huntington Botanical Gardens)

Agave mulitfilifera (Tree of Life Nursery)

Agave victoriae-reginae (Rogers Nursery)

Agave americana 'Marginata' (Huntington Botanical Gardens)

Agave desmettiana 'Joe Hoak' (Rogers Nursery)


  1. Wasn't that A. attenuata clone incredible? It's hard to believe how nonplussed Matthew was about it!

  2. In one short post I think you've managed to capture everything that I love about agaves!

  3. Danielle Tyrone26 March 2013 at 22:51

    Your photos are fantastic, i really love them...
    Driveways Essex

  4. I love that 'Joe Hoak'. Saw it first in Barbados this winter. Must have it!

  5. I just featured your website on my FB page, 'Heaven is a Garden' . I hope you like it!


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