Tuesday, 5 March 2013

A multi-seasonal plant

Ripe fruits, 10 months after flowering.
For weeks I've been watching a cluster of fruits ripen on a dwarf variegated Clivia miniata that lives on my stair windowsill. Having achieved mature size late last autumn, they've progressively changed from green with faintly visible stripes to pure red and are now very decorative indeed.The plant flowered in April, back at Colesbourne, and was fertilised using pollen from another variegated clone. At some point I shall have to pick the fruits to sow the seed, as I'm curious to see what proportion will be variegated, but I'll continue to enjoy them on the plant for a bit longer.

The same plant in flower, April 2012.

The male parent: strikingly variegated but not such a neat plant.


  1. Dwarf and variegated, it couldn't be much better (unless it was yellow). The male parent's variegation is a bit strident in comparison.

  2. I am also very intrested in clivia, both the green and the variegated sorts. I have many clivia, and I sow them myself. Yesterday I wrote about clivia in my blog( in Norwegian). Beautiful flowers. Have a nice evening!

  3. I have also recently blogged about clivia and had a comment about growing the variegated one which the lady was having difficulty to grow. Your plant has really fantastic variegation. I had imagined variegation in clivia would be rather wishy washy, but not so. I really covet your plant!

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  5. Never tried planting these before, they look striking in your photos I may have to give these a go.


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