Tuesday 4 October 2011

Tradition and innovation at the RHS London Harvest Show

The RHS London Harvest Show - always a great day in the horticultural calendar.

The Duke of Marlborough's 'Muscat of Alexandria': the Blenheim grapes comprehensively outdid those from Chatsworth in this year's ducal competition.

Apples in the Lindley (Old) Hall.

Len Stebbings of the National Vegetable Society dispenses advice.

'Herbarium Poetry' readings in the Harvest Hangout

The American grass Setaria macrostachya shown by the LOndon Group of Plant Heritage in their excellent display from members' gardens.

A laced pink seedling shown in the National Carnation Society competition.


  1. Thanks for sharing, unfortunately the show always coincides with a very busy time at work

  2. Wow, this is pretty cool! Thanks for sharing


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