Sunday, 9 October 2011

Good plants on a grey weekend

Vitis vinifera 'Spetchley Red' at Cotswold Garden Flowers: a superbly coloured vine.
Despite dingy, grey weather I've been taking my friend Jim Fox from Seattle around to visit gardens and nurseries. It's been a great opportunity to look at a range of plants that perform well late in the season - and there are plenty of them. Here are a few.

Chrysanthemum 'Posie' at Cotswold Garden Flowers.

Tanacetum parthenium 'Rowallane' at the Garden House, Condicote. Sibylle Kreutzberger told us it should be propagated by cuttings in spring.

Various Salvias and Hydrangea paniculata at Condicote.

The outstandingly floriferous Dahlia 'Oreti Bliss' at John Massey's garden, Ashwood Nurseries.

The herbaceous border in John Massey's garden, with Argyranthemum 'Jamaica Primrose' in the foreground.

Hydrangea paniculata cleverly paired with Nerine bowdenii by John Massey.

Melianthus major 'Antonow's Blue' and Rehmannia piasezkii, at John Massey's.


  1. I'm hoping that Vitis vinifera 'Spetchley Red' is available in North America. Just the thing for my new garden wall in the city. Now, if there were only a Melianthus for Zone 6!

  2. OMG...that grape vine is just stunning! I have Vitis 'Purpurea' and it's just now starting to color up.

  3. Fortunately, we live and garden in Southern California where grey, dingy days are few and far between. However, views brightly colored flora and fauna are just as inviting on sunny days.

    The first photo of the Vitis vinifera is absolutely gorgeous, but then are all the rest.

  4. That Tanacetum parthenium 'Rowallane' is exquisite!


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