Thursday, 20 October 2011

Safely gathered in

The Colesbourne Park greenhouse: filled almost to capacity.
With the first touch of ground frost yesterday it is a relief to have got all the tender plants tucked away into shelter, either in their pots, or with a next generation propagated by cuttings. As a result, all available space is packed full. The autumn migration indoors is always a much more hasty affair than the leisurely placement outside in early summer, impelled by the threat of frost but postponed as long as possible by the enjoyment of the plants. The garden looks suddenly bereft by the removal of the large pots, though there is still much colour - for a few more days.

Tender perennials for next year, propagated from cuttings in August, potted into 7 cm pots in Sepember. I wish they could be in this state when it's time to pot them up in April!

'still more later flowers for the bees'


  1. Lovely image of all your cuttings - this is the point in the year when I realize that I didn't take enough in August and suddenly we are in October!
    PS Greenhouse envy!

  2. Really impressive, you've been very busy!

  3. Oh, yes. You garden still look very impressive with its purples, yellows, reds and pinks.

    Living in Southern California, I don’t have to deal with the harsh weather that would force me to I can only imagine how hard it must be safely collect plants out of the way of harmful frost. I can only imagine how labor intensive that must be.


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