Thursday 27 October 2011

Nerine display at Wisley

Nerine 'Honourable Mrs Wynn' illuminated from above.

Nerine display theatre at Wisley.
In the display area of the glasshouse at Wisley at present is a fine display of Nerine sarniensis and hybrids - a pleasant surprise when I wandered in there today. The majority of the plants are arranged in a colourful display on staging and in various containers, but a nice feature was the use special 'theatres' in which to display individual specimens. In these a spotlight shines onto the flowers, causing their colours to glow and sparkle more richly. On the walls hang a selection of reproductions of images in the RHS collection, among which are a couple of the paintings done by Lilian Snelling for Henry John Elwes of nerines he had bred here at Colesbourne - always nice to see them, even if many of the plants they picture are no longer extant.
Reproduction of a painting by Lilian Snelling of nerines raised at Colesbourne by H.J. Elwes.
Nerine 'Lavandu'
Nerine 'Jill'


  1. The Theatre is a good idea, the lighting really enhancing the flowers. 'Lavandu' is simply stunning, I'm bowled over!

  2. I second Brian on 'Lavandu'. It's just unreal!!


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