Tuesday, 22 May 2012

RHS Chelsea Flower Show Plant of the Year

RHS Chelsea Flower Show Plant of the year winner:
Digitalis Illumination Pink

A handsome pot of Digitalis Illuimination Pink was on display, demonstrating its potential as a tubplant
for the summer garden.
Although we voted for the RHS Chelsea Flower Show Plant of the Year yesterday afternoon the result is under embargo until 8 am today - but I have been bursting to be able to post the news that Digitalis Illumination Pink from Thompson & Morgan is the winner. It is a cross between what was Isoplexis canariensis (now Digitalis canariensis) and another Digitalis species, made by  Charles Valin, plantbreeder for T&M. As a student he worked with me at Sahin for a summer, so it's a real pleasure to congratulate him on a beautiful plant and this award. Unlike the other 19 entries it is a real novelty, showing imaginative breeding work resulting in something very distinct.

Second place: Dianthus Memories, bred to be a modern equivalent of 'Mrs. Sinkins'. It loks as if it is very floriferous, and it is strongly scented.

A perfect pot of  Hyacinthus 'Royal Navy', a double bred by Jan Pennings. It was placed third.

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  1. Wonderful colouring on Digitalis Illumination Pink, I have ordered some today to plant near Ribes x gordanianum to carry on the theme.


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