Wednesday 16 May 2012

Déjà vu

Frosted Astilboides tabularis
My diictionary gives the second definition of  'déjà vu' as 'something tediously familiar'. There is indeed something very tediously familiar about the late frosts we get here, though the frost last year that wrecked Astilboides tabularis came on 4 May, not 16 May. The season was further advanced last year, though, and more damage was done - but last night's -2o C has nipped quite enough fern fronds, new Impatiens shoots, etc, to be very regrettable. I just hope it's the last of the season.

Frost on Paeonia 'Aurelia' this morning.


  1. I assume Astilboides tabularis won't be making it's way to North Yorkshire then. What a disappointment, I always think we are going to get away with it on Rosa primula, almost every year it flowers beautifully only to be frosted almost within the first few days. I am keeping my fingers well and truly crossed this year as we have got away with it.

  2. no frost here in Malvern for some weeks, in fact I think since early April


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