Saturday 5 May 2012

World Naked Gardening Day

A participant in World Naked Gardening Day?
A correspondent has alerted me to the fact that some bright spark in the naturist world has designated the first Saturday of May World Naked Gardening Day: today is the sixth such event, according to the official website, so they haven't mistaken it for 1 April. One wonders how many embrace the opportunity: the 'Naked Gardeners' of  Abbey House Gardens in Malmesbury  have not taken it on board, although they do have monthly clothing optional days for those so-inclined. Call me a boring 'textile', but with a maximum forecast temperature of 10oC and an overnight low of 3oC here today, layers seem to be more in order than nudity.

From the WNGD website, where it is captioned: 'Dancing in the fields epitomizes the spirit of communion and back-to-basics living.'


  1. Well, I have some simpathy for naturist world. But, well..., err, maybe gardening (and cooking also or mainly, I'm not sure.....) is better to be made with, hmmm, clothes (and boots).

    The image of "Dancing (naked) in the fields" is great, but the raspberries harvest, for an exemple, is safer, AT LEAST, with cloves....And I'm not talking yet about cacti...

    Don't ya think?

  2. he he, I belive it's too cold here today.

  3. john in coastal Nova Scotia5 May 2012 at 19:09

    I guess we should jump right in, that weeping Poncirus needs pruning today.

  4. Ha, ha. Im glad I didnt see this before now, its too cold outside to be gardening naked today..! Maybe next year..?


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