Sunday, 13 May 2012

Things I didn't buy at the Malvern Show

Plastic flowers. The label appears to read 'Aliums'.

A gold skeleton.

A 'leather-finish' jacuzzi, with floating drinks tray.

Plastic trolleys - the curse of the show.

Buddah (sic) Water Feature.

Union Jack lampshades.

Alstroemeria 'Ice Mint' : I would have bought this if it had been available, but was somewhat brusquely informed it was a 'commercial variety' and not available. Why show it?

Pleione Caroli 'Cape Robin': it was sold out.


  1. Great post. They look more like Ali-mums. You know that rare Chinese plastic hybrid of mums and alliums. LOL

  2. Gracious me - I cannot imagine why you didn't snap up lurid pinkish plastic alliums!

    I do like the Pleione

  3. What? You didnt buy the Alliums, the Buddah, the lamps? Nothing? How strange..

    The Pleione was stunning! Goes right on my have-to-have-list!

  4. Succinctly put. There were some horrors. And why is it always the people who have no sense of direction/space or indeed common sense are always the ones trundling those dreaded trolleys around in the tightest space trying to ram everyone's legs?
    Lovely Pleione, I missed that... (Sara)

  5. Dear John.
    None of the shown effects will ever appear on my ´must-have-list´... oh my gosh ...what money can buy!!
    Best regards, Fie.

  6. john in coastal NS16 May 2012 at 13:41

    That jaccuzi with its warm earth tones would fit nicely into a peat garden scheme. The Nomocharis would surely appreciate the occasional sprinkle of chlorine-laced waters from the frolicking.

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