Thursday, 7 July 2011

Early evening in the garden

Looking across the garden at about 6.30 this evening. Anthemis 'Tinpenny Sparkler' in the foreground.

Geranium 'Nimbus' and Buphthalmum salicifolium 'Dora'

Clematis 'Prince Charles'

Hemerocallis 'Joan Senior' and Lathyrus 'Tillyperone'

Morina longifolia

Geranium pratense


  1. The Anthemis you show is very beautiful, I've never seen it before, I just know the sorts with the tiny flowers. The Lathyrus ist a stunner too!

  2. You're such a lucky man, John Grimshaw, to behold such a prospect on your doorstep.

  3. Nice shots John. I love to see Morina longifolia, we were told by the head gardener at Calke Abbey that the Victorians used it as a bedding plant. We have grown it for some years and enjoy it's impact in the borders.

  4. Beautiful garden and beautiful pictures.

  5. Dear John,

    I loved the photos of your cottagegarden, which Claus Dalby posted on his blog a few days ago. I simply adored the atmosphere. Your Flower-Paradise really touched my heart and my soul. Lucky Claus, to have seen it all with his own two eyes.

    I wonder whether this Morina logifolia would be hardy here in Denmark. It is a perenial, isn`t it? It is absolutely breathtakingly beautiful. You have such a wonderful diversity of plants in good ol´ England.

    All the best from Denmark,


  6. PS: Thanks for informing us about the name on this native beauty from the Cotswolds. The Centaurea Scabiosa. Hopefully someone will collect some seeds from this plant for me, next time they go to England. It is a must have:o) Couldn`t think of a better and more beautiful souvenir:o)I LOVE IT!

    All the best from Denmark,


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