Saturday 12 March 2011

Six gardens

Acer griseum, Westonbirt
The end of the snowdrop open days and a series of meetings and talks, plus visits from and with friends, have taken me on a hugely pleasurable horticultural jaunt around the country this week, resulting in a carload of plants and a lot of pictures and ideas. Many thanks to all my hosts! To condense it down, here are six choice plants, one from each garden visited.

Bellevalia atroviolacea at my parents', Maidenhead
Stachyurus praecox 'Magpie', Wisley
(though I got no further than the Laboratory here)
Eranthis x tubergeniana 'Guinea Gold', Michael & Caryl Baron's garden,
Brandy Mount House, Alresford

Echeveria minima, John & Lynsey Pink's garden, North Boarhunt, Hampshire

Narcissus 'Candlepower', Margaret Owen's garden, The Patch, Acton Pigott, Shropshire


  1. What lovely pictures!!The one of the echeveria is very special, a little piece of art.You could easily blow that up to 3 by 3 feet and have it in a trendy interior as the main focus.
    I had never seen the stchyurus but am amazed at the colour combinations of the cream and purple.Have a great weekend.

  2. Beautiful! The Stachyurus with those reddish stems and perfectly ordered flowers is delightful.

  3. The Bellevallia is a socks knocker!
    The small pale trumpet narcissus are perfect this time of year. I don't know 'Candle Power', but it's a charmer. 'Gypsy Queen' is just out in a pot here. So hard to capture it's color of citron, chartreuse, and white. You did well with 'C.P.'

    Nice to see you and Adrian enjoying a long awaited spring.


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