Tuesday, 15 March 2011

A German view of galanthophiles and Colesbourne Park

German galanthophiles
Last month we had the pleasure of a visit from a group of German galanthophiles, led on their annual 'Galanthour' by Iris Ney. Among the party was the journalist Dr Susanne Mayer, who writes features for the Hamburg-based Die Zeit, a major weekly paper in Germany. Her article Ein wei├čes Feld ('A white field')about her experiences travelling with the group and visiting Colesbourne appeared in the 3rd March edition - we received a paper copy yesterday. It is no credit to the British education system that nobody in Colesbourne can read German, so we were left trying to puzzle-out fragments... but today, fortunately, the article appeared on Zeit Online, so it is possible to read it in translation, after a fashion!  It's always very interesting to see how someone perceives one's activities, and this is a percipient article, given unintended extra humour by the vagaries of Google translation.


  1. I think the best comment was
    "Stopper, until you collapse! "

  2. Fascinating read once you make it past Googles idioms. At times one is not sure if we are reading about a snowdrop, that is until in one segement the snowdrop is quoted, then we know it's Sir Henry!

    People should take the effort to translate. I like esp. the end bit about the theft of G. 'Carolyn Elwes' and the end result.


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