Friday 4 March 2011

Another sunny day

The cottage garden today, with the Silver Sebrights enjoying a day out.

Galanthus elwesii 'Comet' - a foundation stone for
any snowdrop collection.

View from the front door.

Helleborus Neon Group in late afternoon light.

Galanthus nivalis 'Belle de Wallonie'

Galanthus nivalis 'Melanie S'

Crocus 'Yalta' - a beautiful large-flowered hybrid
between C. tommasinianus and C. vernus selected by Jānis Rukšāns.

The Crocus lawn.
After the gloomy greyness of February these bright sunny days are a delight, so I make no apologies for another series of beautiful spring flowers looking at their best.


  1. These are delightful photos! Larry

  2. You could do a post like this every day, and I would love it. All our snowdrops in the mid-Atlantic US are just opening and starting to expand--very exciting.

  3. John,

    Wow on the crocus lawn. The first snow drop is really something also.

  4. Looking fantastic - going to try and make it on Sunday!

  5. It doesn't even look real! Stunning.

  6. A springgarden is a place where a bit of Paradise has fallen down to Earth´...

    Adorable, wish I was there........

    All the best, - hoping that the rest of the snow will soon melt away here


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