Monday, 7 February 2011

An anticlimax

Galanthus 'Green Tear'

After a week of speculation, the next big Ebay snowdrop auction failed to match or exceed the price paid on 24 January for 'E.A. Bowles' (£357). With every galanthophile in Britain watching the screen, bidding for 'Green Tear', offered by vendor Ramonhoi, ended a few minutes ago at £320 - "only £320" as Mark Smyth wrote on the Scottish Rock Garden Club's forum. Only!


  1. I dont understand why you would pay that much for a bulb. Surely it is a huge risk that you may loose it during the year to rodents etc etc.

  2. Drat, forgot to bid (as if I could afford that). I hope it is not too long before it appears at a reasonable price for ordinary collectors without bottomless pockets. Is it being propagated by anyone in 'the trade'?

  3. John, It is a beautiful snowdrop. Was this sale to benefit charity too? I can see paying 357 pounds to benefit a charity, but not just to buy a snowdrop. Although I can't say what I would do if I had the money (that sounds addictive doesn't it). Did you agree that the photo on my seminar brochure was 'Beth Chatto'? The Scottish Rock Garden Club's Forum is having a big discussion about 'Beth Chatto' being confused in the trade. Carolyn

  4. Wow, that is incredible. The 'Green Tear' is absolutely beautiful.

  5. @Brian - 'Green Tear' is being propagated.

    @Carolyn - 'Green Tear' is sold under normal commercial terms, i.e. charity begins at home.
    Read the book for a description of authentic 'Beth Chatto'. I am not familiar with it myself.


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