Monday 21 February 2011

Anemones in Israel

Anemone coronaria in Israel

My friend Ryan Guillou, a young American horticulturist currently working for a year at the Jerusalem Botanical Garden, posted these images on his Facebook page today and has kindly given permission to reproduce them here. The site is on the edge of the Negev Desert south of Tel Aviv and has been cultivated in the past, but has now been colonized by this astonishing mass of Anemone coronaria (and many other interesting plants).

A white form.

Iris palaestina

Leontice leontopetalum

Ryan Guillou and Anemone coronaria


  1. Dear John,

    am I dreaming or have I simply gone into Flowerheaven?:o) What a breathtakingly beautiful scenario:o) I certainly would not mind being colonized by these beauties:o)
    Sometimes Mother Nature produces more beauty than we can imagine the existance of!

    Best wishes from Denmark,
    Auntie Green

  2. Your above correspondent has it exactly right - breathtaking! ..and that wonderful iris...

    Reminds me of a similar feeling when I contemplate a wood of bluebells here......although it would probably be chillier!


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