Tuesday 25 January 2011

A new record price for a snowdrop

Galanthus plicatus 'E.A. Bowles'
An anonymous bidder last night spent £357 on a bulb of Galanthus plicatus 'E.A. Bowles' sold on Ebay by the vendor "mrohowes", who stated that the proceeds will be going to E.A. Bowles of Myddelton House Society to help conserve the historic garden (in which this clone, and several other good poculiform G. plicatus have been found). The generous bidder has paid well over the odds to aid this good cause, since 'E.A. Bowles' was listed for only £150 by Monksilver Nursery last year.


  1. That is $563, amazing. It was for a good cause though. The Monksilver price is $237. I feel very good about my prices now. This is verging on tulip mania.

  2. 'Listed for ONLY £150' ?? Even that is total insanity. I wouldn't pay £1.50 for a poculiform anything, even with diamond knobs on, and as for £357, well, one must only assume it's a round about way of donating to Myddleton. Would have been better to give the money directly, so they could get gift aid.

    I'm thinking of forming an Antigalanthic Society, but I do love them so. Especially woods full of G. nivalis.


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