Saturday 9 June 2012

Sunshine after the storm

The  cottage garden this afternoon.
 After the horrible weather of the past two days, when the only sensible option was to cower indoors, today's interlude of fine calm weather was extremely welcome and it was a pleasure to get out into the garden. The storm has tousled a few things, and knocked over a few others, but has done no significant damage here.

This pink Sibirica seedling 'grows on me' each year; its sturdy stems remain upright after the gale.

A vigorous clone of Chives, Allium schoenoprasum, standing solidly at 65 cm.

The Sebrights enjoyed their afternoon out.

The somewhat melancholy task of digging up all the bulbs continues...

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  1. John what a fantastic garden you have. I am sorry for the bad english but it's more then 35 years ago since I have learned it at school. When the photo's are enlarged it's more beautiful.
    Thanks for sharing this beauty out of your garden.


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