Tuesday 5 June 2012

The Diamond Jubilee weekend

The splendid cake made by my mother for our family Diamond Jubilee party yesterday.

On Sunday we visited St. Mary's Church, Fairford, Glos: it has the only complete set of late medieval (1510-17) stained glass in the country. Here's the window showing scenes from Genesis.

The Fairford Festival in the market square was caught by wet weather like many other celebrations across the country, but everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves. 38 mm of rain fell on Saturday and Sunday here.

Flowers for the Jubilee: Dianthus 'Heart Attack', Viburnum opulus, Corydalis 'Tory MP'

The Colesbourne Jubilee Beacon on Monday night, with accompanying hog roast and beer tent, followed by fireworks, was the village's main contribution to the celebrations.

My two older nieces, Martha and Ruth MacLaren, at the beacon.

My new third niece, Ellen Louise Grimshaw, born to Tom and Caroline on 30 May; she was the youngest person at their street party in Pyrford, Surrey.


  1. Ooo another beacon, we saw lots from the top of the Malvern last night

  2. What an adorable little niece you've got there!

    That cake also looks quite delicious!

  3. John, is he cake a variation of the layer Victoria layered cake (recommended by our local paper) as a Jubilee celebration?

  4. @PG - we couldn't see the Malvern beacon from ours, had hoped it would be possible. Could see about 8 others to the south and east of us in Wilts, Berks & Oxon.

    @Riz: It WAS delicious!

    @Bobby: yes, two layers of light sponge cake with a layer of cream and strawberries between. A Victoria sponge would have raspberry jam between layers, with cream.


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