Monday 30 April 2012

Spring greens

Tulipa 'Yellow Spring Green'
 A dry, warm and (latterly at least) sunny day at last, making a very welcome change from the incessant rain and gloom of the last week. Coming home from the garden this afternoon I found the gravel bed  glowing with half-opened tulips in two cultivars, 'Spring Green' and 'Yellow Spring Green'. With nothing else flowering in the bed, and accompanied only by the new growth on grasses and alliums, this simple combination is extremely effective - though as always, one wonders why one didn't plant twice as many bulbs.

The gravel bed with Tulipa 'Spring Green' and 'Yellow Spring Green' among fresh sping growth.

Tulipa 'Spring Green'  with Calamagrostis 'Overdam' - an almost perfect combination.


  1. Wonderful combination! I love the yellows of the tulips and grass together.

  2. I simply adore the color of the tulips themselves! I have a thing for shades of yellow-green.

  3. Dear John.
    Spring Green is my alltime favorite Tulip. It´s just lovely and different from all other Tulips, special and ... just awesome. Viridiflora Tulips are really fab.
    Best regards, Fie.

  4. Lovely combination.

    I do know what you mean about never planting enough tulip bulbs in the Autumn - happens to me every year!

  5. They look beautiful together, and the grass really is the icing on the cake. Lovely.

  6. Yes to never enough tulips. Lovely and simple colour scheme. I am grieving as the neighbours cat have totally trashed my front tulip bed by running across it, several times.

  7. It's a great sharp colour on those yellow spring green and the unruly grasses really set off the elegant shapes of the tulips.

  8. I've got both the grass and the tulip but never thought of placing them together until I read your post John.


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