Thursday, 5 April 2012

Flowers at last

Variegated dwarf Clivia miniata
When I returned to England from Holland in 2003 I brought with me a number of seedlings of variegated dwarf Clivia that were surplus to requirements when the Sahin Clivia collection was dispersed. Most were given away, but one has been growing on my windowsill ever since, occasionally repotted but it has had minimal care. Probably in consequence it has grown very slowly - though the dwarfer clivias are not fast-growing, and the variegation presumably doesn't help - so it has only just reached flowering size. The flowers are fairly average in shape, size and coloration, but they look well with well-striped leaves. To the top of the flowers the plant is only 33 cm high, so it is a nice size for a windowsill.


  1. John I am from Holland but have never seen this variegated Clivia before. It is a beauty.
    Happy Eastertime.

  2. It looks beautiful John. What patience you have.

  3. How rewarding! Looks lovely, John!

  4. john in coastal Nova Scotia6 April 2012 at 13:25

    Looks like a very good one, you certainly lucked out. These, as you know, fetch astronomical prices in Japan. Well, not quite up there with some snowdrops of late....

  5. How interesting!

    I have three clivia seedlings that are in their second year now. I'm hoping to get at least one peach or yellow one.

    Nine years is a long time to wait for flowers! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that mine might flower next year.


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