Saturday 7 April 2012

Meadow Farm, Feckenham

A fine clump of a hose-in-hose Cowslip, Primula veris.

A view of the garden at Meadow Farm
A pleasant consequence of speaking to the Western Counties Hardy Plant Society's bulb study day at Feckenham, Worcestershire, today, was the afternoon visit to Meadow Farm Garden and Nursery in the village. Started by Rob and Diane Cole in 1998, this is a one acre garden full of interest and good design features. Although it will clearly develop into a spectacular show as the perennials come to the fore later in the year, there were a lot of interesting plants and features to see and admire.

A fringed Pulsatilla
The garden and nursery are only open to groups by appointment - see the website for information, and from what Rob was telling me it seems as if it is a very popular destination for gardening groups. The immaculately clean and weed-free nursery was stocked with choice, beautifully grown plants, sold to garden visitors and at plant fairs around the country. Definitely a stall to look out for.

Mertensia virginica

Hemerocallis 'Kwanso Variegated'
Hardy Planters surveying the nursery stock.


  1. I'm a member of HPS but never get to meetings as they always seem to be on a Saturday afternoon which, when you work full time, is a loss of precious gardening time

  2. That garden looks cracking. I have never considered the HPS and they have a good journal. I find that young people are not into these groups. Why?

  3. Glorious!! When are we going?


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