Saturday, 25 June 2011

A short trip to Yorkshire (part 2)

The immaculate parterre and border in front of Harewood House.

Delphinium, Clematis and Veronicastrum in the border seen above.

'Opheus' by Astrid Zydower is prominent on the terrace.

A male Great Argus Pheasat in the Bird Garden at Harewood House, scene of many happy youthful visits.

Cornus kousa flowering prolifically in the Himalayan Garden at Harewood.
On Thursday I took the oportunity of being in Yorkshire to revisit Harewood House, near Leeds, a place of annual pilgrimage when we were kids with a West Yorkshire Rover bus pass. The magnificent house lies in a park laid out by Lancelot Brown, with the expected lake and fine trees, and is full of treasures, but I discovered that RHS members have free entry to the grounds in the low season (which ended today) so I forewent the opportunity to go inside and instead enjoyed the gardens, lakeside walk and Bird Garden. A few pictures from Harewood are above.

Afterwards I went back to Harlow Carr to see more of the garden and enjoyed a pleasant visit in sunshine, though clouds were blackening. Luckily the downpour didn't start until I was back in the car after an excellent pot of tea on the terrace outside Betty's tea rooms.

A kaleidoscopic bed of primulas by the beck at RHS Garden Harlow Carr.

Another view of the outstanding display of  primulas.

Valeriana and Allium

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  1. That marvellous statue of Orpheus cannot help but catch the eye. I googled the sculptor Astrid Zydower who was unknown to me. What an interesting character and what a sad early childhood which she managed to transcend. Do read about her. Sadly the first mention was her 1968 obituary in the Independent at the age of 38. Thanks for introducing me to her work John.

    john in coastal Nova Scotia


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