Saturday 11 June 2011

The big day

Visitors in the garden
After what seemed like weeks of preparation, and the usual scramble this morning, we had our first open garden in aid of Lerang'wa Primary School this afternoon. A glorious morning, during which tea tables were elegantly laid out on the lawn and the garden looked radiant, gave way to increasing gloominess. At almost precisely 2 pm the rain started, the tea tables were most inelegantly gathered in - and the first visitors arrived. Luckily gardeners are made of stout stuff and with a certain amount of sharing of clothing and umbrellas everyone managed, and when it became too bad they came inside and consumed tea, cakes and cucumber sandwiches.
Roscoea humeana 'Longacre Sunrise'

Cotyledon orbiculatum
A total of thirty-three visitors came and with the plant sales and donations from kind people unable to come we raised the excellent sum of £440. Thank you very much to all who came or contributed - this money will really make a difference in a very poor community. Luckily the sun reappeared and radiance returned for the later part of the afternoon, so the garden could be enjoyed properly.

Bridget and Tony Davidson enjoying the garden in late afternoon.
After the visitors: the garden through a glass of champagne.


  1. I'm glad you had some stretches of sunshine for your visitors, and I'm glad the day was such a success. Roscoea I've never seen before; this cream form is especially lovely.

  2. I always feel sorry for people who are opening their gardens and the weather does co-operate

  3. Malcolm Allison12 June 2011 at 18:37

    Is that a Scrivenera telegraphi aristocratica 'Mary Keen' I see at the back of the border in your first pic?


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