Monday, 27 June 2011

Quite a buzz

At lunchtime I heard a loud buzzing noise - and then found a huge swarm of bees in the air behind the cottage.

They settled on the eaves...

... but by the time our village beekeeper, George Proverbs, arrived five minutes later, the queen had got in under the tiles and the rest of the swarm followed her in, so they are now ensconced under the roof and we are wondering what to do about it!


  1. John,
    vacuum them up! Swarm collector here use a vacuum hose hooked up to a box, the bees fall into the box before they go into the vacuum. Enjoyed the photo.

  2. We had a swarm in the garden a few weeks ago and it took the beekeeper nearly 2 hrs to get them into his box as they had settled on the gravel. It was fascinating to watch him work, talking to them all the time.


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