Thursday, 7 April 2011

Glorious weather and good plants

Leucojum aestivum by the lake at Colesbourne Park

Narcissus 'Barrii Conspicuus' -
one of the best of the old daffodils

Tulipa 'Keizerskroon' - a stalwart from 1750.

Spring flush on a very good form of "Sorbus" megalocarpa

Tulips in the border at Colesbourne Park - 'Purissima' and 'Sweetheart'.
These have been in the ground since 2004.

Paeonia mairei in the cottage garden.

Papaver orientale 'Frosty'
Erythronium revolutum 'Janice'

Pulsatilla vulgaris - this is the plant seen in bud in the
evening set from last week


  1. wow!!!! im in canada and im jealous about your papaver orientale 'Frosty'


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