Saturday 28 November 2009

Sharpest tool in the shed

Just before we went away I visited Great Dixter and purchased one of the Turkish knives that Fergus imports, and recommends for the purpose of cutting back perennials in winter. It's a pretty vicious-looking weapon, with a finely serrated curved blade and a wooden handle. As the rain has temporarily stopped I got out into the garden this afternoon and put the knife to the test. As promised, it is superbly effective for cutting down dead stems and I can see that it will be a standard garden item from now on. Just have to watch that stems are the only things it cuts!


  1. John - Do you happen to know the proper name of this tool so that I might source it here in the US?


  2. Thanks for the picture, someone recently mentioned the turkish knives of great dixter. And I had no idea what was meant. Some un-usual plant?, a garden feature?

    Your photo and comment explains it all


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