Sunday 23 June 2013

Jackson's Wold

Jackson's Wold: a lovely garden around an old farmhouse.
This afternoon, having lots to do at home, I went out to see a local garden open for the National Gardens Scheme, Jackson's Wold. It's just a few miles from here, up on the chalk of the Yorkshire Wolds, and has been created around an old farmhouse by Richard and Sarah Cundall in the past thirty years. More information about the garden can be found on their website, which also gives details of opening arrangements. It is well worth visiting!

The garden is clearly planned to give a peak display in early summer, although it must also be interesting before and after the visiting season of May-July, and in essence it is an expanded cottage garden with overflowing lush borders full of big perennials. Having seen the chalkiness of the fields as I drove in I was astonished by the vigour of the plants and while sheltering from an inopportune thunderstorm asked Sarah Cundall about this: the secret is the very generous application of mushroom compost to the beds each year, with chicken manure worked in at planting time. Although the effect may be 'cottagey' the garden is carefully planned for combinations of texture and colour using good bold blocks of plants, with many being repeated in different areas - though there are some nice groups of choicer plants too, and some good ferns. Very nicely kept lawns provide open space between the borders, while beyond the potager-style kitchen garden is a meadow area with a short lime avenue leading to a viewpoint over the Wolds and Vale of Pickering to the moors beyond.

Planting is characterized by big blocks of relatively few plants, which gives the garden cohesivity. Peucedanum ostruthium 'Daphnis' forms a conspicuous band through a bed.

Astrantia 'Roma' is a signature plant in the garden.

Geraniums are in full flower.

A nice Persicaria bistorta cultivar.
Purplish shades in one half of the walled garden

....and white and yellow in the other. Geranium clarkei 'Kashmir White' and Bupleurum longifolium are stars at present.

A pen of  friendly Oxford Sandy and Black pigs was a surprise in the woodland shelterbelt.

The northward view across the Vale of Pickering from just below Jackson's Wold.


  1. what a beautiful garden, I especially love all the geraniums and alliums. Great structure and diversity of plants. thank you for sharing.

  2. The white Border is great. I love white gardens and especially Geranium clarkei 'Kashmir White'.
    Greetings from Germany Iris

  3. Geraniums in full flower is such a joy to watch.


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