Saturday, 8 June 2013

In the garden this week

Tulipa sprengeri is now in full flower, about two weeks later than usual.
I have continued to be busy preparing and planting sections of the garden, and although much of it is getting going very well it isn't presenting anything like a display as yet. However there are some good things in flower, of which this is a selection.

The magnificent Camassia leichtlinii 'Buckland Blue Sceptre', a selection from The Garden House, Devon, standing well over a metre in height, with huge flowers.

Lilium rhodopaeum

A pale form of Ranunculus bulbosus found by the late Marian Warland, formerly librarian of the Plant Science Department in Oxford.

Anemone fanninii unfurling a leaf. An inflorescence has aborted, alas.

A selection of bearded irises grown by my predecessor are coming into flower - nice but no names.


  1. What a shame that Anemone fanninii has aborted, I can remember being stunned by this plant and it's huge cream flowers when we went to Cally Gardens. Next year....

  2. I know where some colour forms of Ranunculus bulbosus grow but don't know if I can get them now. Whats the root system like? There are white, cream and pale orange flowered plants

  3. @Unknown: the root system is fibrous with a solid storage organ. Would be well worth collecting these colours forms if you can.

  4. Well do I remember Anemone faninii one enchanted October at Giant's Castle and Royal Natal National Park in the little berg--such immense flowers and gorgeous foliage. I am dying of envy that you have even aborted flowers!

  5. I love the Lilium rhodopaeum.. Great capture!


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