Thursday 28 February 2013

Hellebores at Ashwood Nurseries

Helleborus niger selection
 A few images from last Wednesday's visit to Ashwood Nurseries: a grey day except for a shaft of sunlight right at the end, illuminating the H. niger seen above. Many thanks to John Massey for the personal tour!

Helleborus vesicarius

H. × ashwoodensis 'Briar Rose'
(H. niger  × H. vesicarius)

Helleborus foetidus with Cornus 'Magic Flame' in John Massey's garden.

A good H. × sternii

H. × belcheri 'Pink Ice'
(H. niger × H. thibetanus)

Walberton's Rosemary
(H. niger  × H.  × hybridus)

Horticultural heaven: the Ashwood hellebore breeding house.

Wine-red anemone centre: a new selection for breeding.

Speckled slate: I like the neat shape and size of this.

An outstanding yellow.


  1. Fond memories of a tour of the breeding programme a few years ago. We were bowled over by the marvellous range of colours and types. I must admit to covetting H. × belcheri 'Pink Ice', what a stunner. Thanks for showing us John.

  2. Ashwood just astound every year with their advances with Hellebores and however intensely bred they are, they still retain that 'natural' feel and work so well in the garden. The inter-species crosses seem to be producing many wonderful plants. Great pics of great plants.


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