Sunday, 21 October 2012

A busy weekend in the garden

Planted a few weeks ago, Colchicum 'Dick Trotter' has been looking superb in recent sunshine, flowering a bit later than normal.

It has been 'all go' here this weekend: my parents, Susan and Peter Grimshaw, came to build a run for the bantams, currently boarding with them.

Rama Lopez-Rivera, a Kew Diploma student, very kindly volunteered himself to help in the garden this weekend and did a fantastic amount of digging,

as a consequence of which I could get a lot more bulbs into the ground: a 'mass grave' of snowdrops.

A beautiful (unnamed) hybrid between Crocus speciosus and C. pulchellus. It's nice to see the first of my plants beginning to get going here.


  1. Lucky you having all that help. I hope you treated them to a good lunch.

  2. Oh, how tremendous! What a lovely weekend to be planting and having great company!!

  3. You will have to name that bed Timisoara or something like that!

  4. It is good to have people helping. It actually makes gardening a lot easier. The flowers also look lovely. I hope you will post pictures when what you have there has grown.

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