Thursday, 18 October 2012

Bulb planting at the arboretum

10,000 Narcissus poeticus 'Recurvus' bulbs have gone into the ground today.
 This week has seen a huge bulb planting effort at the Castle Howard Arboretum, with about 25 volunteers turning out to help staff plant a big meadow of bulbs. So far 7000 camassias, 10,000 Narcissus poeticus 'Recurvus' and 2600 Iris latifolia have gone in - there are a lot of Crocus and Fritillaria meleagris to follow next week. The aim is to make a meadow full of colour and interest for a long season next spring and early summer, visible from a wide area in the core of the arboretum. With so many people involved there has been a lot of chat and banter, making it rather fun, but I'm off for a long hot bath now!

Volunteers and staff have done an amazing job at getting some 20,000 bulbs into this patch of the arboretum in the past three days.

The intended effect - a meadow of pheasants' eye daffodils (these are at Colesbourne)

Afternoon light in the arboretum.


  1. Wow! It's taken me alll my time to get my handful of Crocus (Gypsy Girl) and a few Allium planted. It should definitely be worth a trip to see them in the Spring.


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