Saturday 29 September 2012

Progress in the garden

Small Tortoisehell on Sedum (reversion from 'Frosty Morn').
Fine dry weather, a cooperative back and nothing in the diary allowed me to get out into the garden for a good session today. The priority was to start digging a long broad strip so it can be used for the snowdrops and other 'woodland' plants. The grass covering it was sprayed-off in mid-August, so it is now throughly dead and ready to be dug in. The soil here is a rich dark loam, with not a stone in sight - a delight after the stony ground of Colesbourne. Eventually the back protested it had had enough of digging: the soil is heavy after all the rain we've had this week. There's plenty left to do, but I moved on to mowing the lawn. Five passes at different settings got it mown to the bone and looking scarcely less brown than the glyphosate-treated areas, but it won't be long before it's green again.

Lovely dark loam!

Colchicum agrippinum in the first bit of border to be planted-up.


  1. There is nothing better than a new garden and how nice to have better soil than the last garden

  2. Look forward to seeing the snowdrops in that border next year.

  3. Hope you've taken before and after pics

  4. Wow! That is definitely cool. I am really looking forward for some update. Thanks a lot for the share.

    Happy Gardening!

    Shyra @ Cheap Sheds NZ Limited

  5. I love digging up a new bed, with the fun of the planning and all of that fresh loam to cover. You will be able to fit alot of snowdrops in there.

    I wish that snowdrops grew better here, but they don't seem to like our cold and prairie-type winters. I've tried numerous times, but I only get a few survivors here and there, never a good display. I had decided not to torture any more Galanthus by planting again, and then I saw some really good sized G. elwesii bulbs, nice and plump, in the store last week, so I'm on round 5 of the Galanthus experiment. I've never seen them available in the green around here, so I hope these bulbs grow. They get lots of fall tree leaf cover, which should help.


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