Monday 10 September 2012

The Dahlia Trial at Wisley, 2012

Dahlia 'Twyning's Revel'

The Dahlia trial on the Portsmouth Field at Wisley: plants grown to perfection.
An inspection of the Dahlia trial at Wisley is always one of the highlights of late summer for me: they looked amazing in last Tuesday's bright sunshine. Here are some that caught (or blinded) my eye.

'Kilburn Fiesta'


'Olivia Mari'

The outstanding clone to me was labelled only as "48" - must get the name from the Trials Office.

Dahlia "48"

'Barbarry Sultan'

'Waltzing Mathilda'


  1. Absolutely stunning! I want them all now!

  2. Dear John.
    Beautiful Dahlias. Amazed about the large variety. Dahlias are new to my garden, but it´s turned out they´ll remain here!
    The Twyning´s Revel is gorgeous ...
    Best regards, Iris.

  3. I really dont like Twynings Revel too bright. I do prefer that shape of Dahlia though to the cactus and pompom ones

  4. 48 sure is the star!

  5. I really learned a lot from your blog. Thanks for sharing. I love it. God bless you.

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  6. Beautiful flowers. I can not say wihch I like the most because all of them are so amzing. Thanks.

  7. Wow these dahlias are gorgeous!

  8. Hi, did you find out the name of the "no. 48 dahlia"?


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